A/Prof Kee Siong Ng
Research School of Computer Science,
College of Engineering and Computer Science,
The Australian National University.
keesiong dot ng at anu dot edu dot au
Blog: http://mentalmodels4life.net

About Me

Kee Siong is an experienced data scientist with more than 10 years of post-PhD experience in multiple domains, including government, financial services, retail, telco, energy, and manufacturing. He has consulted for many large enterprises in Asia-Pacific-Japan and acts as a trusted advisor for many industry colleagues.

Kee Siong has a part-time appointment at ANU. He is also the Chief Data Scientist at AUSTRAC, Australia's Financial Intelligence Agency.

Selected Publications

Research Interests


I was a committer for the open-source Apache MADlib project, which seeks to foster innovation in large-scale in-database analytics.

Download the latest version of Alkemy. (Escher is now incorported into Alkemy!!)
Download the latest version of Escher! See also the Wikipedia entry on Escher.
The Godel programming language can be found here.

Bach is a work-in-progress, but a version of the system is available for experimentation on request.
Here's the literate program An Implementation of Bach.