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Jess Tsimeris

PhD Student
Information and Human Centred Computing (iHcc) Group
Research School of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Australian National University

Email: jessica (dot) tsimeris (at) anu.edu.au
Twitter: @tsimeris (also check out: @ANUiHcc)
G+: https://plus.google.com/+JessTsimeris/

Canberra Girl Geeks Coffees (GGC) - committee member (2012-2014)
ANU Computer Science Students' Association (CSSA) - postgrad representative (2013-2014)
ANU Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) - college representative (2013)
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Ambassador (2014)
Google Student Ambassador (2014)

I'm a researcher in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). My PhD is concerned with new technologies for deformable surfaces and how users interact with them. I tutor COMP 3900/6390: HCI and Usability Testing. Please feel free to email me at the address above if you have any queries.

Publications, etc.

Tsimeris, J., Stevenson, D., Gedeon, T., & Broughton, M. It's Alive! Perceptions of a Soft Tangible User Interface. Workshop on Tangible Gesture Interaction: Tangible Meets Gestural: Comparing and Blending Post-WIMP Interaction Paradigms, TEI 2015.

Taylor, J.L., Tsimeris, J., Zhu, X., Stevenson, D., Gedeon, T. Observations from Teaching HCI to Chinese Students in Australia. In Proc ASEAN CHI Symposium (ACHIS), CHI 2015. Seoul, South Korea.

Tsimeris, J., Stevenson, D., Adcock, M., Gedeon, T., & Broughton, M. User Created Tangible Controls Using ForceForm: A Dynamically Deformable Interactive Surface. In Proc UIST 2013.

Tsimeris, J., Dedman, C., Broughton, M., & Gedeon, T. ForceForm: A Dynamically Deformable Interactive Surface. In Proc ITS 2013.

Tsimeris, J., Stevenson, D., Gedeon, T., & Adcock, M. Using ForceForm, a Dynamically Deformable Interactive Surface, for Palpation Simulation in Medical Scenarios. Second Workshop on Smart Material Interfaces. In Proc ICMI 2013.

Tsimeris, J. Achieving soft and directly deformable interaction on tabletop interactive surfaces. In Proc ITS 2013.

Tsimeris, J., & Stevenson, D. Proprioceptive and Tactile Interaction in the 21st Century. In 2nd International Body in Design Workshop, OzCHI 2012.

Tsimeris, J., Gedeon, T., & Broughton, M. Using Magnetic Forces to Convey State Information: an Exploration of a Haptic Technology. In Proc OzCHI 2012.

Tsimeris, J. A. Visual Cues for the Instructed Arrangement of Physical Objects Using Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR). University of South Australia, 2010. Honours thesis.


News Article: Nicholson, L. 'Fake Skin' Computer Touchscreen May Aid Cancer Diagnoses. The Canberra Times, Tuesday, September 10, 2013, page 5.

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