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Hi there and welcome to my page! I currently completing my PhD and am associated with the following places:

I am enrolled in The Computer Sciences Laboratory at The Australian National University.
I am a member of the Logic and Computation program of NICTA.
I am currently located in The Department of Computing at Macquarie University.
I am a member of The Australian Category Seminar.

My academic advisor at Macquarie is Mike Johnson and my supervisor at ANU is Rajeev Goré. My current research focus is on combinatorial problems arising from category theory and topology, with applications to term rewriting and concurrency theory. The preprints below should (hopefully) convey the flavour of my work.

You can contact me at Jonathan(dot)Cohen(at)anu(dot)edu(dot)au.

Some past events:
Workshop in Haute-Bodeux, Belgium; June 3 - 10.
CT2007 in Carvoeiro, Portugal; June 17-23
I co-organised USMC'07
I used to regularly update my blog That Logic Blog and may do so again some day.
I organised and convened NotYASS.


1. Quantifying Symmetry. Gazette AustMS. Vol 32(2) 110--115
2. (With Carmit Benbenishty and Alice Niemeyer) The minimum length of a base for the symmetric group acting on partitions. The European Journal of Combinatorics Volume 28, Issue 6, August 2007, Pages 1575-1581


3. Coherence without unique normal forms.
4. Coherent presentations of structure monoids and the Higman-Thompson groups.

Honours Thesis:

Small base groups, large base groups and the case of giants. Honours Thesis, Department of Mathematics, The University of Western Australia (2004).

Handy Links:

Papers: My Citeulike, Mathscinet, Arxiv, Citeseer, Google Scholar
Maths: AMS Notices, AMS Bulletin, AustMS Gazette, Integer Sequences
Writing: LaTeX for Logicians, LaTeX for Linguists, CTAN, TUGxy-pic
Theorem Proving: OTTER, Isabelle, Hol4, AProVE, CiME
Computer Algebra: GAP, Axiom, Magma
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