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Name: John Barratt Moore
Address: Department of Information Engineering,
Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering
The Australian National University,
ACT, 0200
Phone +61 2 6125 8686
Fax: +61 2 6125 8660




1962, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), The University of Queensland.

1963, Master of Engineering Science, The University of Queensland.

1966, Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, University of Santa Clara, California (IEEE Northern California, Student Paper Prize 1966).


1] PhD: Control System Design Using Extensions of the Parameter Plane Concept.

[2] MEngSc: Class C Amplifier design.

[3] Honours: Transistor Amplifier for a Pen Recorder unit.


Signal Processing and Control Systems (Stochastic System Identification, Signal Estimation, Hidden Markov Model Processing, Adaptive Control, Robust Optimal Control, and Optimization) with applications to Communication Systems, Biological Signals, Radar Systems, Aircraft Control, Vision Systems and Robotic Systems.

Current focus: Mobile Communications Coding and Semi-definite Programming.


(a) Present Continuing Appointment: 1982-Present

Department of Information Engineering (formerly Systems Engineering), Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University.

Professor Level E2 (June 1990). Head of Department Jan 1992-Dec 1999 and Jan 2002 to April 2006. Currently Emeritus Professor within the Department.

Professorial Fellow - (May 1982 - May 1990).

(b) Previous Full-Time Appointments: 1967-82

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Newcastle, NSW.

Professor (personal chair) (January 1973 - April 1982).

Associate Professor (October 1968 - January 1973).

Senior Lecturer (January 1967 - October 1968).

Design Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor, California Integrated Circuit Design (1964).


Visiting Appointments greater than one month:

Visiting Professor, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada, with Professor Robert Elliott (5 weeks), 2004.

Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, with Professor Uwe Helmke (4 weeks), 2003.

Visiting Professor, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada, with Professor Robert Elliott (4 weeks), 2003.

Visiting Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong (4 weeks), 1997; (8 months), 1998-1999; also Department of Information Engineering, (24 months), 2000-2001.

Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, with Professor Uwe Helmke (3 weeks), 1996; (4 weeks), 2000.

Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with Professor Robert Elliott (4 weeks), 1996.

Visiting Professor, University of Western Australia, Perth, with Professor K.L. Teo (10 days), 1996.

Visiting Professor, Systems Industrial Research Centre, Imperial College, London (6 weeks) with Dr J.M.C. Clarke, 1995

Visiting Professor, Institute of Network Theory and Design, Technical University of Munich (6 weeks) with Professor Nossek, 1995.

Visiting Professor, Institute of Systems Research, University of Maryland (1 month) with Professor John Baras, 1994.

Toshiba Chair, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo (6 months from September 1993) with Professor H. Hashimoto, 1993, 94

Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Regensburg, Germany, with Dr Uwe Helmke, 1993

Visiting Professor, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, University of Alberta, Canada, with Professor Robert Elliott, 1992

Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (1 month), with Professor R. Horowitz, 1989, 91

Japan Institute of Information Science Fellowship, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Akita University (1 month), with Professor G. Obinata, 1988.

Department of Mathematics, University of Western Australia (1 month), with Professor K.L.Teo, 1987

Russell Springer Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (1 month), with Professor Tomizuka, 1987.

Visiting Professor, Engineering Department, Cambridge University, UK (July-October), with Professor K. Glover, 1985 .

Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore (November 1985-February 1986), with Professor K.L. Teo.

Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy (1 month), with Dr P. Caselino, 1985 .

Visiting Australian/Mexican Science Agreement Scholar at Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City (1 month), with Professor R. Lozano, 1983

Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle (9 months), with Professor J. Meditch. Duties include research on adaptive systems, a research grant with Boeing working with D. Gangsaas, and teaching graduate level courses in linear systems, stochastic processes and adaptive systems, 1980-81.

Visiting Professor, INRIA - Rocquencourt, France, (1 month), 1978 .

Visiting Professor, University of California, at Davis, with Professor S. Mitra. Duties include teaching graduate courses in Communications Theory and Optimal Filtering, 1977

Visiting Professor, Imperial College London (3 months), with Dr M. Clark. Visiting Professor at Colorado State University. Duties include teaching a graduate level course in Optimal Control and carrying out research (5 months), 1974.

Visiting Associate Professor, University of Maryland, with Professor R. Newcombe. Main duties were supervision of graduate students, research and teaching in Circuit Theory (6 months), 1970 .

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Santa Clara, with Professor D. Siljak, and consultant to Santa Clara Flood Control and Water District, with Professor R.C. Dorf, for application of computers to control pumping stations (4 months), 1968 .


2003, Centenary Medal

1994, Australian Academy of Science: Fellow,

1994, Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching,

1993, Toshiba Visiting Professor Chair, University of Tokyo,

1989, Australian/US Science Agreement Scholar,

1988, Japan Institute of Information Science Fellowship,

1987, Russell Springer Professor of Mechanical Engineering Award, U.C. Berkeley,

1986, Institution of Engineers, Australia: Fellow,

1985, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering: Fellow,

1979, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers: Fellow (1979).

1974,1985,Science and Engineering Research Council Senior Scholar,

1983, Australian/Mexican Science Agreement Scholar,

1970,1980, Fulbright Travelling Fellowships,

Main Contributions.

The main research contributions are in the 200 or so journal papers, 6 books, and in applications. The books represent the most cited work, and are most widely known. The earlier ones are lower graduate level and the later ones are more specialized and advanced. High impact applications known to the author are as follows.


[1] The integrated circuit Micro-Logic 926 designed while at Fairchild Semiconductor sold “millions” in 1964+.

[2] IBM used my polynomial solving routine in their software packages distributed through out the world from 1996+.

[3] Boeing aircraft controllers are now designed using methodologies worked out in part with Boeing engineers in the early 1980s. (From Dagfinn Gangsaas a high level manager at Boeing Military)

[4] In neuro-physiological studies of cell membrane response to drugs in drug design experiments using a Nobel Prize winning apparatus, virtually all laboratories throughout the world now use Hidden Markov Signal Processing. This was first proposed and used by the author in collaboration with medical researchers, Peter Gage, and biophysicist, Shin Ho Chung, at the John Curtain Medical School at ANU in the early 1990s. The latter are the source of the information on impact of the work.

[5] In multi-fingered robots, the on-line grasping algorithms now used are designed using essentially the approach first developed with researchers in Japan in the mid 1990s. (One source is Lin at Univ. of Sc. and Tech, Hong Kong).

[6] In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the algorithms used by the Nobel Prize Winning German group to optimize the analysis in the late 1990s are derived using the gradient flow on manifold methodologies in the book with Helmke. (Source Helmke).

Web of Science citations- since 1990. As of May 2005, there are 4754 citations: 1813 citations of papers, and 2941 of books (cited under first author only). My first PhD thesis paper in 1967 has 17 citations since 1990. To illustrate that significant contributions are not limited in one field, note that for the only contribution of the author to the top journal in Neural Networks in 1994, there are 21 citations, which compares well with the experts in that field. Likewise, the first contribution to a top journal in Robotics in 1996 has 32 citations.

Citeseer citations. As of May 2005, there are 735 citations.


Masters Theses Supervision:


R. Orsi, "Topics in Nonlinear Systems, Stability, Spectra and Optimization'', 1996.

G.A. Latham, "Frequency Weighted Optimal Hankel-Norm Approximation of Scalar Linear Systems", 1984.

R.M. Hawkes, "Demodulation of Pulse Modulated Signals Using Adaptive Estimation", 1973.

K.S.D. Tam, "Optimum Pre Emphasis Filter Design via Kalman Filtering Techniques", 1973.

P. Hetrakul, "Optimal Demodulation of Pulse Modulation Systems", 1972.

P.K. Tam, "Fixed-Lag Smoothing for Nonlinear Systems with Discrete Measurements", 1972.

P. Moylan, "Generalizations of Singular Optimal Control Theory", 1969.

PhD Theses Supervision:

Huibo Ji, "Optimization Approaches on a Smooth Manifod", 2007, supervised with Danchi Jiang and Jonathan Manton.

Hendra Ishwara Nurdin, "Topics in Classical and Quantum Linear Stochastic Systems", 2007, supervised with Matt James.

Kaiyang Yang, "Numerical Algorithms for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems arising in Control and Nonnegative Matrices", 2006, supervised with Robert Orsi.

PY. Lee, "Geometric Optimization for Computer Vision", 2005

J. Thorne, "Fast Identification via Risk Sensitive Methods", 2001.

T. Conroy , "Topics in Nonlinear Signal Processing", 2000.

S-H. Lee, "Structural Decentralised Control of Concurrent Discrete-Event Systems'', 1998 (Other supervisors, R.Mahoney, Kai Wong).

J. Ford, "Adaptive Hidden Markov Model Estimation and Applications'', 1998.

A.B. Lim, "Optimal Control of Systems with Constraints'', 1997.

D.C. Jiang, "Control of Systems with Constraints'', 1996.

G. Brushe, "Estimation of Superimposed Convolutional Coded Signals'', 1996.

S.Dey, "Topics in Robust Nonlinear Estimation and Control'', 1996.

I.B. Collings, "Hidden Markov Model Signal Processing and Control'', 1995.

R.E. Mahony, "Optimization Algorithms on Homogeneous Spaces: With Applications in Linear Systems Theory'', 1994.

L.S. Irlicht, "Robust Control via Adaptive, Learning, and Switching Controllers", 1992.

J.E. Perkins, "Dynamical Systems for Learning and Balancing", 1992.

A.D.B. Paice, "Stabilization and Identification of Nonlinear Systems", 1992.

V. Krishnamurthy, "Adaptive Estimation Techniques for Hidden Markov Models", 1991.

A. Telford, "Factorization Techniques and Robust Controller Design", 1989.

T.T. Tay, "Enhancement of Robust Controllers with Adaptive Techniques", 1989.

L. Xia, "Methods in Robust and Adaptive Control", 1988.

R. Kumar, "Parameter Update Recursions for Adaptive Identification, Prediction and Control", 1980.

H. Weiss, "Parameter and State Estimation via Recursive Predication Error and Extended Kalman Filter Schemes", 1979.

G. Ledwich, "Adaptive Identification Filtering and Control", 1976.

R.M. Hawkes, "Performance Analysis of Bayesian Parameter Estimators", 1975.

P.K. Tam, "Parallel Processing and Smoothing Techniques in Filtering Applications", 1975.

Post Doctoral Fellows Supported.

Dr Robert Orsi, 2003 to 2007.

Dr Mustapha Ait Rami, 2000-2001.

Dr Gordon Cheng, 1998.

Dr Honghui Qi, 1997 - 98.

Dr Subhrakanti Dey, 1995 - 96.

Dr Robert Mahony, 1994 - 96.

Dr Vikram Krishnamurthy, 1992-94.

Dr Wei Yong Yan, 1990-92.

Dr Lige Xia, 1989.

Dr Ou Loi Ly, 1988.

Summer Scholars.

I have four publications with summer scholars documented. One scholar graduated with me as his PhD supervisor.

Teaching Assignments.

Period 1982 -2007

Graduate level mini-courses at ANU in field of Optimal Filtering and Adaptive Systems.

Graduate level course "Hidden Markov Models: Estimation and Control'', University of Tokyo, 1993-1994.

Undergraduate level courses "Dynamical Systems" and "Signals and Systems", Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1999, 2000, 2001, graduate level course in "Information Theory" 2000, undergraduate/graduate level course in "Mobile Communications".

Period 1967 - 1982

The range of undergraduate and graduate subjects within Electrical Engineering Departments including Circuits, Electronics, Communications, Control, Linear Systems, Nonlinear Systems, Optimal Filtering, Stochastic Processes and Adaptive Systems.

Short Courses.

"Topic in Advanced Signal Processing'', Technical University of Munich, September, 1995.

"Robust and Adaptive Control'', Berkeley, May 1987.

"Adaptive Control'', Glasgow University, June 1985.

"Optimal Filtering'' Defence Research Labs, Singapore, December, 1985; Aeronautical Research Labs, Melbourne, June 1986; Melbourne Research Labs (BHP), September 1986; and Rockwell International, Cedar Rapids, May 1987.




ARC Discovery Grant with Dr Robert Orsi, Numerical Algorithms for Solving Convex Optimization Problems Arising in Systems and Control Theory, $243,966



Australian-German Joint Research Co-operation Scheme, with Professor Uwe Helmke, $17,100



Australian Research Council Grant, with Dr Weiyong Yan and Professor K Teo.



Chairman, Go-CDMA Ltd, Hong Kong, Director in 2002.



Chief Investigator for Hong Kong Gov. Small Enterprise Research Assistance Program HK$400,000,

Associated Venture Capital Funding HK$2,000,000.

Earmarked Research Grant, Hong Kong, HK$239,817,

Post Doctoral Award from CUHK Fellowship Scheme HK$78,150,

Competitive Engineering Faculty Summer Leave Scheme HK$12,000,

Faculty Research Grant HK$100,000.



Performance Fund Allocation, continuing increase to the Systems Engineering budget in competition across the IAS (final proposal written by Dr Zelinsky as Acting Head), $350,000 per annum.



Research Infrastructure and Equipment Fund, with Prof Srinivasan and Dr Zelinsky, $592,000.

ANU Major Equipment Grant, $80,000.

CRASys Initiative in Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, $150,000.



ANU Major Equipment Bid, with Dr A Zelinsky, $210,000.



ANU Strategic Bid in Learning Systems, with Dr P Bartlett, $360,000.



ANU Strategic Bid in and Discrete-Event Systems, $420,000.

Quality Assurance Funds for a Control Laboratory (with Dr I Mareels), $110,000.

Research grant from Rural Water Corporation, $20,000.



As head of Department of Systems Engineering, jointly with RSPhysSE Director, set the stage for the foundation of the new research school, RSISE.

Initiated International Manufacturing Systems funding for work in Holomobiles (with Drs R Mahony and J Kieffer), $120,000.



Team Leader, Systems Optimisation Project, Cooperative Research Centre for Robust and Adaptive Systems (CRASys), $400,000.



Team Leader, Hidden Markov Signal Processing and Control Project, CRASys $150,000.


1991- present

Principle (along with R. Bitmead and B. Anderson), Cooperative Research Centre for Robust and Adaptive Systems, $10M over 6 years.



ANU Major Equipment Bid, with Dr B McCarragher, $110,000.


1986-87, 89-91

Research grant from Aeronautical Research Laboratories, $60,000.


1981-83, 85, 88-92

Research grant from Boeing Commercial Aircraft Corporation, $750,000.



Proposed to establish the Computer Sciences Laboratory in RSPhysSE (with Professor Richard Brent), $360,000 for first three years.



Consultant on BHP Control Research Lab Project, $40,000.



Established as Head of Department of Electrical Engineering program the first Computer Engineering degree program in Australia.


1972-78, 87, 90-92

Research grant from Australia Telecommunications and Electronics Research Board Grant, $30,000.



Research grant with B. Anderson from Australian Research Grants Committee, $300,000.


Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization (JIMO) published by American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), 2004

Head of Department of Systems Engineering and subsequently Information Engineering, 2002 to present.

Review panel member for Optimization and Control Group, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, 2000.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Committee on National and International Cooperation (CINC), 1999.

Australian National University Policy Committee, 1999.

The Academy of Science Fellow Election Committee, 1998-2004..

Acting Director of Research School of Information Science and Engineering (up to 6 months 1996-1999)

Member of Board of Institute of Advanced Studies, 1993-94.

Associate Editor International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Systems, 1992-95.

First Convenor of Graduate Program in Engineering at ANU, 1992-93.

Head of Department of Systems Engineering, 1992-1999.

Member of RSPhysSE School Advisory Board, 1990-93.

Team Leader on "Hidden Markov Model Signal Processing'' Cooperative Research Centre Project, 1990-1995, Team Leader “Systems Optimization Project” 1996-1998.

Associated Editor Springer Verlag Industrial Control Series, 1990-1996.

Associate Editor Systems and Control Letters, 1990-1996.

Chairman International Federation of Automatic Control Youth Paper Award Committee, 1990-93.

Member of IFAC Technical Committee on Theory, 1989-93.

Member of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Theory Committee, 1988-93.

Chairman of Summer Research Institute of AMS January 23-29, 1984.

Associate Editor, Journal of Australian Mathematical Society (AMS), 1983-92.

Member of University Computer Policy Committee, 1982-85.

Chairman of RSPhyS Computer Policy Committee, 1982-85.

Member of IFAC Conference on Identification Program Committee, 1981-82.

Member of IEEE International Committee, 1981.

Member of Newcastle University Internal Research Assessment Committee, 1976.

Head of Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Newcastle, 1975-1979.

Acting Head of Department for total of 1 year, 1970-1974.

Member of Senate Higher Degrees Committee, 1971-1982.

Member of University Senate, 1973-1982.