· Yansheng Ming, Hongdong Li, Xuming He, Connected Contours: a new contour completion model that respects the closure effect, To appear in CVPR 2012 (ORAL). [acceptance rate is 2.5% , i.e. 48 papers accepted as oral, out of 1933 submissions.]New paper. 2012. (PDF preprint ) ( Yansheng is currently a first-year PhD student at ANU; Congratulations to Yansheng !)

· Yuchao Dai , Hongdong Li, Mingyi He, A simple prior-free method for non rigid structure from motion factorization, To appear in CVPR 2012 (ORAL). [acceptance rate is 2.5% , i.e. 48 papers accepted as oral, out of 1933 submissions.] New paper. 2012. (PDF preprint ) ( Yuchao was a CSC-funded visiting PhD student from China to ANU; Congratulations to Yuchao !); < Sidenote: updated on 29th Jun 2012 : this paper is the winner of “CVPR Best Paper Award”; Free Matlab source code will be released soon. >

· Worapan Kusakunniran, Qiang Wu, Jian Zhang, Hongdong Li, Multiple view transformation based approach to view-invariant human gait recognition, in IEEE-ICPR 2010, Best ICPR Student Paper Award (in Biometrics Track). ( Worapan is a Government funded PhD student with UNSW; Congratulations to Worapan ! ).

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· H.Li and R.Hartley, Five-Point Motion Estimation Made Easy, <full paper in PDF>, IEEE-ICPR-2006. (describes a very simple five-point camera relative orientation algorithm.) <Matlab Source Code for the five-point solver is available here: MATLAB source code · 5-point and 6-point Essential matrix estimation (fast version) – based on a PAMI paper by Richard Hartley and Hongdong Li. It runs at a speed of 35--75 microseconds per frame on an Intel Core Duo 2.5Ghz laptop. ( Note: not millisecond but microseconds)> <If you are looking for my very old Matlab-Maple based implementation, please use the following link: 5-point- source-code-old- and- slow-version. Note: tested on Matlab 7.1 with Maple 8.0 installed>.

· An excellent webpage about minimal solvers in multi-view geometry can be found here at:

· Hongdong Li and RichardHartley, Plane-Based Calibration and Auto-calibration of a Fish-Eye Camera , Proc ACCV 2006, PDF (207.0 KB)

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· Hongdong Li, Chunhua Shen, An LMI Approach for Reliable PTZ Camera self-calibration, <full paper in PDF >, IEEE-AVSS'06. (This work was done in 2005. We submitted it in May 2007, and got acceptance notification in September 2006.)

< For other publications since 2003, please see my C.V. >


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