To PhD Students

If you are interested in doing research in the fields of Computer Vision, Video processing, Computer graphics, Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Pattern Recognition, please feel free to send me an email about your background and interest, and discuss the potential research topics. For formal application, please submit through the ANU application system. The scholarship information can be found from at ANU, CECS, and NICTA webpages.

Prospective students are encouraged to propose your own research topics, respecting your own research interest interests.

Welcome Honours students (or Master students) from Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, IT (information technology), Optics, Telecommunication, Control and Robotics, Mechatronics, Physcics, Biology, statistics, etc. to apply our PhD program. Besides the APA, IPRS, there are ANU and NICTA scholarships available.

For excellent Chinese students who intend to apply the CSC Scholarships (either as visiting student, or as PhD student), we may offer extra scholarship equivalent to ANU tuition fee wavier.

PhD and M Phil. Graduate Student Application (for MS, PhD, Scholarship Opportunity):

Scholarships for both international students and domestic students are available via both ANU and NICTA admission systems. The average amount of stipend scholarshipis about 25,000~32,000AUD. The tuition fee scholarship is at the range of 25,200~32,000AUD.


  • Students wishing to do researchin Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition are invited to apply. Applications should come through the ANU applications system. In general you will need to apply for admission and a scholarship through the normal channels, not from me.
  • Scholarship schemes: IPRS, APA, APAI, ANU, NICTA.
  • NICTA scholarships: Scholarships for PhD study are available also throughCECS ANU.
  • You may also like to contact me via email, however,please understand that it is simply an expression of interest. A formal application through the normal channelswill still be required to be formally considered, since scholarships are never enough especially for international students.

Some sample thesis topics for PhD study: ( NOTE:  THE TOPICS LISTED BELOW ARE OUT OF DATE.   Check my recent publications to get a feeling of my research interests ).

We have many interested directions on vision research, of both theoretical and application-driven types. Some examples are

 (1) Automatic Synthesis of stereoscopic movie from conventional monocular video clips;

 (2) Medical image analysis, such as computer aided diagnosis of stereo fundus (retina) images using vision technology;

 (3) 3D vision based medical image analysis, image segmentation, vision aided inspection ;

 (4) Interactive constraints based scene understanding and modelling from videos. For example reconstructing outdoor scenes, the final model will consist of not only man-made structures, but also natural objects like trees, flowers, and so on.

 (5) Low level vision learning for image restoration, image understanding.

 (6) Pattern recognition in Pen-based tablet-PC computing environment. ( hand-draw sketch/graph recognizer ) Using a tablet PC doing handwriting input of texts/charts/formulae, or interactively reconstructs some 3d models from an image. 4) Machine Learning in Multi-view-Geometry from exemplar videos. 



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