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David John Hill

Professor and Federation Fellow


My principle interests are in network systems with emphasis on stability properties, optimization and control. Since 2005, my work has been supported by an Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship. It supports five years of full-time research devoted to the topic of Complex Networks: Dynamics, Optimization and Control. This work is motivated by complex networks such as large power grids, the Internet, transportation networks and biological networks of all kinds. These provide many challenges for scientists and engineers. In particular, advanced societies have apparently become dependant on large infrastructure networks to an extent beyond our capability to plan and control them to operate securely. The recent spate of collapses in power grids and various vulnerabilities on the Internet illustrate the need for research on modelling, analysis of behaviour, systems theory, planning and control in such networks. Coincidentally, the techniques of control for complex systems generally are evolving to be network-based, e.g., neural networks, controller networks. So the overall theme becomes one of control of and by networks. My past research on stability theory, adaptive control, power networks and non-linear control combine with these questions to motivate a program of work in my Laboratory for Networks and Control at ANU.


I work in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Department of Information Engineering which is part of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.


The sections of this website give further information about the research, publications and so on, but please contact me, preferably by e-mail, if you wish to enquire further.