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My Photos

A selection of photos I took for my friends to see. All photos are roughly 640x450 50kB JPEGs
  1. Sky Fire 9 - i
  2. Sky Fire 9 - ii
  3. Sky File 9 - iii
  4. Me and my friends graduate
  5. Pyros - i
  6. Pyros - ii
  7. Pyros - iii
  8. Burgmann Ball 1
  9. Burgmann Ball 2
  10. Burgmann Ball 3
  11. Philip Island 1
  12. Philip Island 2
  13. Philip Island 3
  14. Philip Island 4
  15. Summer Scholars Christmas Bar Night
  16. Summer Scholars 99/00 Group Photo
  17. Millenium Eve in Sydney
  18. Fireworks on Sydney Harbour Bridge
  19. Fred, Doug and Magda listening to Jazz
  20. New Zealand Gender Bender
  21. Prepare to dive!
  22. Tom poses in front of Franz Josef
  23. Games while sea kayaking the Abel Tasman
  24. The top half of the Nevis jump
  25. Jump!
  26. In the air (can you tell it's me?)
  27. Horesriding on the west coast
  28. Queenstown from Skyline
  29. Jetboating in Makoura
  30. Dunedin Train Station
  31. Cool waterfall
  32. Sunrise over Christchurch A/P
  33. Milford Sound under cloud
  34. Mig wondering if she's going to get damp
  35. Valley carved by a glacier. Huge scale!
  36. Kerry, Rachel, Kristy, John and Lex
  37. Commencement pre-dinner
  38. Doug breathing fire
  39. Doug attempting to ride a unicycle
  40. Doug's mattress fort 1 (Photo's by Phil)
  41. Doug's mattress fort 2

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