COCOSDA is an international organisation for coordinating the globalised efforts in language resources and speech technology evaluation. Its current plan is to define "Topic Domains" and "Regional Programs" as two dimensions of its functionalities. The former reflects the dynamic technology environments, while the latter addresses the regional differences and activities. Four topic domains are currently established: Evaluation of Speech Understanding/Dialogue Systems, Multi-Modal Corpora, Corpus Annotation Tools and Local Languages. Six regional programs are currently under planning: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Africa. One current project for COCOSDA is to collect all relevant information and construct Websites for the topic domains and regional programs so as to serve the speech research community. The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect such information for a specific region.


COCOSDA Questionnaire for Information Collection


1. Title of the Region


2. Issues

  • Existence of spoken language data corpora
  • Specification of the format of the data
  • Indication of the level of availability of the data


  • Plans or Ideas to acquire spoken language data


  • Specific need for spoken language data


  • Sources of funding for corpus collection


  • Studies on linguistic structure of Oceania region


  • Expertise list of all interested people in Oceania





3. Name, affiliation, e-mail address and contact information of the Rapporteur for the Region (please return the questionnaire to this address)

Dr. J. Bruce Millar

Computer Sciences Laboratory

Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering

Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University

Canberra, ACT, 0200, Australia


4. Please provide brief information about activities in your organisation relevant to spoken language data corpora in Oceania: title of the organisation/group/project, brief description, web-sites, contact information, etc.

5. Any other organisations with relevant activities to which COCOSDA should send this questionnaire? Please provide the titles of the organisations/groups/projects, web-sites, contact information, etc.

6. Any other coordinated/joint projects, major events, important issues/findings relevant to the study of the spoken language of Oceania (not limited to those at your organisation) which should appear on COCOSDA’s web-site? Please provide brief information for each of them.

6. Any other major web-sites or information sources which may provide information relevant to the documentation of the spoken language of Oceania?

7. Any other suggestions for promoting relevant activities in the Oceania region?

Thank you for your information.