Changbin (Brad) Yu


What’s new

[Nov 2010]

I will be visiting UCBerkeley and attending CDC.

[Oct 2010]

I am awarded a Queen Eliabeth II Fellowship by the Australian Research Council.

[Apr 2010]

I am elevated to IEEE Senior Member.

[Feb 2010]

[Dec 2008]

Happy New Year, and thanks for visiting.

[Sep 2008]

I accepted a position as “visiting researcher” at Canberra Research Lab, NICTA Ltd. to become a project

member of SWARM-2 (2008-2011).

I also accepted a position as “Adjunct research professor” at College of Control Sciences and Engineering,

Shandong University (2008-2012).

[Jul 2008]

I started an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship at Dept. of Information Engineering, the ANU.

It is a part of an A$661,000 ARC Discover Project titled “Large Scale Complex Multiagent Systems:

Control Methodologies and Information Architectures” with Prof. BDO Anderson and Dr. G Mao.

[Jun 2008]

I traveled Munich, Karlsruhe, Ajaccio, Hangzhou, Beijing, Jinan and Seoul until mid-July.

[Jun 2008]

After Six months waiting since submission, my PhD degree was finally awarded on 3rd June 2008.

[Apr 2008]

I became a torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game in Canberra on 24th April 2008.

[Apr 2008]

I returned from a 2-month visiting National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.

[Dec 2007]

I had a wonderful five weeks at Yale Univ, Boston Univ, New Orleans, DC and Florida~

[Aug 2007]

I traveled to Greece, China, Japan

2006 --- Year of Dog

Traveled to China, Japan, USA

2005 --- Year of Chicken

Arrived at Australia for first time, travelled to China, Singapore, Europe.