About the pictures on Brendan McKay's home page.

The background is a little bit of moon found using the amazing Clementine Lunar Image Browser.

The picture of the ants on a Moebius strip was made from a wood engraving of M. C. Escher. A rather poor scan of the original can be viewed as a 123K gif or a 93K jpeg.

The golden spheroid (well, it is supposed to be golden) is made from a photograph published by RIT News and Events, May 18, 1993. The statement "R(4,5)=25" is the title of a paper I wrote with Stanislaw Radziszowski for the Journal of Graph Theory.

The ostrich picture was made from a photograph by the Mexican photographer Col. Manuel Romero, ca. 1870. A scan of the original photograph can be viewed as a 232K gif or a 41K jpeg. It comes from the book Retratos de Mexicanos 1939-1986, Fondo de Cultura Economica 1991.

I wish to thank my friend Rosalva Sam for taking the photographs of myself that appear here, and for artistic advice and other help. The image manipulations were done with Adobe Photoshop.