A Letter by Professor Menachem Cohen

English translation:

Bar-Ilan University
Faculty of Jewish Studies
Department of Bible Studies

B"H, Monday, 26 Tishrei 5758

Dr. Dror Bar-Natan
The Hebrew University

Dear Dr. Bar-Natan,

In continuation of my letter of 2.9.97, and in response to your additional inquiry regarding the list of appellations that you prepared for the purpose of ELS experiments in "War and Peace", I would like to clarify again:

  1. The list prepared by Prof. Havlin, following the considerations detailed in his brief, has, in my humble opinion, no scientific basis, and is entirely the result of inconsistent and arbitrary choice, as I argued in my above mentioned letter.
  2. After studying your list, I gather that it was prepared according to the same standards as presented by Prof. Havlin, and that it contains some differences from Havlin's list, which are also based on findings in the Responsa Project. In light of the above, I see no essential difference between the two lists for the purpose of using them for ELS experiments in any text.


Prof. Menachem Cohen

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