A Statement by Harold Gans

The statement below was posted by Sam Fink on behalf of Harold Gans on an internet mailing list, TCODE, on March 24, 1998.
  As is known to many, I am in the process of redoing and confirming the
cities experiment that I had done several years ago. Several individuals
informed me that the list of cities, as provided to me by Zvi Inbal, had many
mistakes in them that were designed to make the results appear artificially
significant. I take such claims very seriously and decided to conduct a
thorough investigation of every aspect of the city selections and spellings.
That investigation is extremely detailed and is not yet complete. As a result,
I will not make any public statement of the outcome of that investigation
until my study is completed. This unwillingness to speculate on an outcome of
an investigation while it is still ongoing has prompted some people to
interpret that as evidence that I am no longer convinced that the Torah codes
phenomenon, as detailed in WRR, is a real phenomenon or that I no longer
believe that the conclusions drawn from my original cities experiment are
  Let me then state in absolute terms that this is not true. To date, I have
not uncovered a single fact or even a hint that the list of cities that I was
provided was manipulated in an attempt to make the results of the experiment
appear significant when, in fact, they are not significant. I have not
uncovered a single fact that causes me to doubt that the conclusions drawn
from the original cities experiment were accurate. I have not seen any
argument advanced by anybody which convinces me that either the WRR experiment
or the cities experiment is not valid and truly statistically extremely
  Nevertheless, so as to be completely thorough and honest, I will not now
claim that I have verified the cities experiment: there are still a few things
left to check. When my investigation will be completed, the results and all
the details will be made public in an appropriate way, regardless of whether
the results confirm the conclusions of the original cities experiment or not.
    Harold Gans 

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