Graph generators

On this page we provide some links to programs for generating graphs. The list is restricted to free programs and also excludes packages like SageMath. Currently only generators of complete classes of graphs are included, omitting generators of example graphs and random graphs. Graph repositories are not included.

We will be happy to consider other programs if you know of any.

Nauty & Traces

Authors: Brendan McKay and Adolfo Piperno

The nauty package contains many graph generators. The main ones are:

Regular graphs

Regular graphs on surfaces will be considered below.

Graphs on surfaces

Most available software is for the sphere, but there are exceptions.

Graphs of chemical interest

Since a molecule is a graph, many generators have focussed on the types of graph that are chemically relevant. Fullerenes are one case that is mentioned above. We only give a few examples and will not include commercial products.



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