autoson version 1.4.6


autoson is a tool for scheduling independent processes across a network of UNIX workstations. It provides a type of distributed batch queue that enables execution of a stream of processes in a flexible and convenient manner with minimum impact on interactive users.

autoson can run as a single-user private system, or as a shared resource for multiple users. Support is provided for local networks consisting of any mixture of hosts running Solaris One, Solaris Two, IRIX, OSF1, ULTRIX, HP-UX, MacOSX or Linux. The only requirement is a common file-system.


A complete manual in Postscript is included in the package. You can also fetch a PDF version of the manual here. The manual covers version 1.3. Changes since then are listed in the file changes13x.txt.

Detailed instructions for installation appear in the manual. You are advised to read them before compiling anything.

How to get it

If you agree to the restrictions listed below, you may fetch autoson as a gzipped tar file. If you decide to use it, please advise me at so I can add you to the mailing list.


Copyright (1994-2008) Brendan McKay. All rights reserved. Educational organizations may use this product for purposes of research. All other use is forbidden without permission of the author. You must not remove this copyright notice, and you must document any changes you make to the code. This software is subject to this copyright only, irrespective of any copyright attached to a larger work of which this is a part.

Absolutely no guarantees or warranties are made concerning the suitability, correctness, or any other aspect of this program. In particular, you are advised that no proof of the soundness of this product as regards system security exists nor is possible, as with most complex software. Any use is at your own risk.


Brendan D. McKay
Computer Science Department
Australian National University