Lueven Historical Locations Dataset

We introduce here our Large Time Lags Location (LTLL) dataset containing pictures of 25 locations captured over a range of more than 150 years. Specifically we collected images from several cities and towns in Europe such as Paris, London, Merelbeke, Leuven and ancient cities from Asia such as Agra in India, Colombo and Kandy from Sri Lanka. We chose thirteen locations considering the presence of well known landmarks for which it has been easy to download old and new pictures from the Web. The rest of the twelve locations are located in the municipality of Merelbeke, Flemish Province of East Flanders in Belgium. Ancient images of historical locations dating back to the period 1850s-1950s have been provided by the museum in Merelbeke. We downloaded all the corresponding modern images from Flickr, Google Street-View and the Google-Images search engine. In total the dataset contains 225 historical pictures and 275 modern ones.



Eiffel Tower
Gafoor Building
Galle Face Hotel
Gare De Lyon Paris
Pettah mosque
Merelbeke 001
Merelbeke 003
Merelbeke 005
Merelbeke 016
Merelbeke 024
Merelbeke 138
Merelbeke 140
Merelbeke 141
Merelbeke 147
Merelbeke 198
Merelbeke 221
Merelbeke 302
Leuven Kasteel arenberg
Old City Hall


Location Recognition Over Large Time Lags
Basura Fernando, Tatiana Tommasi and Tinne Tuytelaars
Computer Vision and Image Understanding
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Image dataset
Data in .mat format (SIFT based Fisher Vectors GMM (64))