11. Output

Several output forms are possible with the current Febrl version, with more to be included in the future. Currently, the three possible output forms are

It is possible to select any combination of these three output forms. Additionally, it is possible to activate a one-to-one assignment restriction procedure before the output is generated (but after record pairs were classified). This will restrict each record in a data set to be linked to maximal one record in the other data set (or for a deduplication, a record can be a duplicate of only one other record). See Section 11.1 below for more details on this topic.

Setting the desired output forms as well as activating an assignment restriction procedure needs to be done with the appropriate arguments when the linkage or deduplication process is defined (see Section 9.6). The following output related arguments need to be defined within a deduplication or link method.

An example of how to use these arguments when defining a linkage or deduplication process can be seen in Chapter 5 and Section 9.6.