Dr. Paul Compston

Contact Details:
Phone: +61 2 6125 8614
Email: paul.compston@anu.edu.au

School of Engineering (Bldg 32)
College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Australian National University
Canberra, ACT 0200
Research Areas

  • Robotic fibre placement (RFP)
  • Robotic milling (movie)UV curing composites
  • Fibre-metal laminate (FML) stamp forming
  • Charactersiation of aluminium foam sandwich structures

Publication Record

Recent papers:

[J35] P. Puri, P. Compston, V. Pantano. Life cycle assessment of Australian automotive door skins. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 14 (2009) 420-428. doi:10.1007/s11367-009-0103-7.

[J34] A. Di Pietro, P. Compston. Resin hardness and interlaminar shear strength of a glass-fibre/vinylester composite cured with high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. Journal of Materials Science 44 (2009) 4188-4190.

[J33] J. Muric-Nesic, P. Compston, N.Noble, Z.H. Stachurski. Effect of low frequency vibrations on void content in composite materials. Composites Part A 40 (2009) 548-551.

[J32] S. Dharmalingam, P. Compston, S. Kalyanasundaram. Process variables optimization of polypropylene-based fibre metal laminate forming using finite element analysis. Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 410-411 (2009) 263-269.

[C25] A. Di Pietro, P. Compston, R. Gresham, G. Hovland. Rapid robotic fibre placement with in-situ ultra-violet curing. In: A. Subic et al. (eds.) Meeting the Challenges to Sustainable Mobility. (First International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies). RMIT University Publishing, Victoria, Australia (2008) 73-78, ISBN: 978-1-9214-2615-5

[J31] P. Compston, D. Dexter. The effect of ultra-violet (UV) light postcuring on resin hardness and interlaminar shear strength of a glass-fibre/vinylester composite. Journal of Materials Science 43 (2008) 5017-5019.

[J30] P. Compston, J. Schiemer, A. Cvetanovska. Mechanical properties and styrene emission levels of a UV-cured glass-fibre/vinylester composite. Composite Structures 86 (2008) 22-26.

[J29] M. Styles, P. Compston, S. Kalyanasundaram. Finite element modelling of skin and core thickness effects in aluminium foam/composite sandwich structures under flexural loading. Composite Structures 86 (2008) 227-232.

[J28] J. Muric-Nesic, Z. Stachurski, P. Compston, N. Noble. Effect of vibrations on void content in composite materials. Advanced Materials Research 32 (2008) 145-148.

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