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Design Steps


Design specification. Understand the problem specification, and refine it as necessary. Often design tasks are not 100% specified to begin with.

Component library development. Consider the library of components to be used. This will affect aspects of your design.

Design synthesis.
Draw block diagrams, timing diagrams, flow charts, and modularise as appropriate.

Draw state diagrams, showing all inputs and outputs. Refine the design as appropriate.

Decide on memory elements and triggering.

Use K-maps to obtain next state and output combinational logic.

Simulate your design and check for correct operation. Revise as appropriate.

Design analysis and test. Check for potential practical problems.

Implement and test. Using software tools.

Revise. As appropriate.

This procedure is also discussed in Wakerly, Section 7.4 (pp653).

Synthesis using VHDL is very similar, though some steps are automated by the software.

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