Escaping the relational database paradigm:
Case management in the High Court of Australia


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1.  Available on-line at <>.

Lotus Notes

2.  "Groupware" is the IT infrastructure that allows work groups to work as a unit toward common goals. It is premised on the assumption that productivity can be improved in an environment of frictionless information exchange and seamless communication throughout the entire organization.


3.  In this figure, the blue diamonds indicate full cases; the green diamonds indicate partial cases. The difference between full, partial and minimal cases is explained in the "Conclusion" section of this paper.

Delivering Notes to the desktop

4.  The Tolly Group (1996).
5.  WinFrame has been developed as an authorized extension to Microsoft Windows NT, under license from Microsoft. See <>.
6.  An Intel Pentium Pro 180 MHz, with 64 Mb RAM.
7.  The Australian Federal Police.

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