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Dr James Popple is a Senior Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. He is also an Honorary Professor in the College of Law and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Australian National University.

As part of his PhD research, he developed a legal expert system called SHYSTER. Some of his publications—in the fields of law and information technology—are available on-line.

James is an amateur photographer. Most of his amateur photographs can be viewed at Flickr and (through Panoramio) in Google Earth. The best of them are also available at 500px. James's photos have been reproduced, with permission, in various publications.      Flickr   Panoramio   Google Earth   500px

To find something at his site, you can use the site map.

James can be contacted at <james@popple.net>.      LinkedIn   Facebook   Google profile   james.popple.tel

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