Guodong Shi

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Guodong Shi, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Australian Center for Field Robotics & Sydney Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
The University of Sydney
R110, J04 - Rose Street Building, Darlington NSW 2006, Sydney
Phone: +61 02 8627 8037

Honorary Senior Lecturer
Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering
The Australian National University, Canberra

Research Interests

  • Quantum networking and decisions, Networked control systems, Social opinion dynamics, Network games and algorithms, Distributed optimization methods

Recent Research Articles


  • Guan Zhao-Zhi Best Paper Award at the Chinese Control Conference 2015, for the paper “Stability conditions and phase transition for Kalman filtering over Markovian channels” by J. Wu, G. Shi, B. D. O. Anderson, and K. H. Johansson

  • Invited session on Control of Networked and Open Quantum Systems at American Control Conference, July 2015, Chicago

  • Best Paper Award in Control Theory at the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation 2014, for the paper “Consensus of quantum networks with continuous-time Markovian dynamics” by G. Shi, K. H. Johansson, D. Dong, and I. R. Petersen