Charles Gretton

About Me:

I am a Computer Scientist who works in a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence called Automated Planning.

Application areas I work in currently include transportation of fast moving consumer goods, product stocking policies and recommendation.

My research focus is on compact and efficient representations of hard problems that can be characterized using transition system models.

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Dr Charles Gretton

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Canberra, ACT 2601




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(2014, co-lecturer) “Australian National University – COMP3630 – Theory of Computation”

(2013, co-lecturer) “Australian National University – COMP3620 – Artificial Intelligence”

(2012, supervisor and assessor) Project Courses COMP3006,COMP3006, COMP3740, and COMP8740.

(2012, co-lecturer) “Australian National University – COMP3620 – Artificial Intelligence”

(2006; co-lecturer with Duc-Nghia Pham) “Griffith University – 6206INT – Advanced Topics in Info Tech B”

Current Students

Mr Mohammad AbdulAziz

Mr Fazlul Hasan Siddiqui

Previous Students

Dr Silvia Richter :: 2007-2011, PhD Degree Conferred on 6th of May 2011:: webpage

Dr Nathan Robinson :: 2007-2012, PhD Degree Conferred on 20th of June 2012 webpage

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Some interesting music (7/1998, 9/1998)

My brother has released an album of 20th century guitar music. Order it here.

1939 -- 7,277 :: <<It was a period when a literary panning, published in a review, could give you something to
                              think about for thirty years.>>

   -- from :: "Sartre: The Philosopher of the Twentieth Century'', Bernhard-Henri Lévy.